Why I want to be an RN

Why I want to be a Registered Nurse(RN).  This career choice has not always been my choice.  

When I was younger I had several options and drives towards other career choices. Such as life
though, family and children took my path for many years. I took care of my grandmother for 13
years until she passed away. I searched other caregiving jobs and was not satisfied. I came
across licensed vocational nurse(LVN) and was blessed with an awesome job as site manager
with assisted living program where I oversee two sites and I love what I do, I love the
responsibility it entails. I also have a drive for education and want to seek higher. I feel more
confident and independent. The more I learn the further I want go in my education. I thrive on
this feeling and want my children to thrive in life to go forward. Going after this RN career has
made me proud, and my family proud. It teaches my children to work hard and not give up. I
want them to learn to be dependent on themselves to reach their highest independence. This
career also makes me want to take care of my health, exercise and eat right. This career choice
has been nothing but good to me.

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