Why are you a Nurse and not a Doctor?


Here’s this week’s question of the week. We know the passion of nurses, but we’ve found that a lot of people want to know why nurses decided to be nurses, rather than becoming doctors.

So, the question is, why are you a nurse, rather than a doctor? Do you have aspirations of becoming a doctor?

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Never had the desire and after becoming a Nurse the Lord Jesus called me to be an ordained minister. We have gifts differing one from another Im blessed and honored to be called upon to serve


I knew that I wanted to become a Nurse before I graduated from High School. Bedside Nursing was my passion. I did not want supervision, or anything else that would keep me away from my bedside nursing. Unfortunately, today there are too few “bedside nurses.” Everyone wants to be BOSS! I have never regretted “only being a Nurse.”


After 40+ years doing hands-on bedside nursing, there is nothing else I would have or could have been happy and fulfilled doing as a profession. After my children and grandbabies, my patients are my passion. I have learned so much from both groups of people and grown in my private and professional lives. I am so thankful that this profession was available when I was considering what to do with my life. Not only was the financial area good for me, this was a way to be of service to society and touch many lives in a positive way. I love my work and plan to continue as long as my body agrees!


I love nursing. I have a more personal relationship with my patients than I would have as a doctor. Nurses have a 24/7 access to patients, they build relationships with family and friends of the patients. They notice the little things which make a difference whether that be improvement or deterioration.
Being a role model and teacher to others at the bedside is important to me.
I am happy to work in partnership with a doctor to get the best for my patients.


In my destiny, I have to become a nurse, and I am happy with it. :slight_smile:


I’ve always wondered why people would ask this question, as if nursing was a second-class profession. Why be a paralegal instead of a lawyer, or a designer/drafter instead of an engineer?

Because that’s where the interest and the passion are!


Because I didnt get admission in Medical college lol


Thumps up for you. I’v been a nurse for 8 years. It’s the first step to accept I’m a nurse.


Actually, I had no idea to be a nurse when I was a high school student. Based on the examination graduated from high school, I choosed two subjects including law and nurse. Finally, I missed law ,then I became a nurse in 2011.


I plan to become a Doctor but I am currently a Nurse. I chose this path in order to gain experience, get a good handle on the career of nursing and decide whether or not I am ready to go further. Eventually, I plan to earn my Phd or Doctorate degree in a specialty. Which specialty I will choose has not been decided yet.


Kinda like asking why am I a carpenter instead of a plumber.:grin:

My go-to answer is “Because nurses save lives”. OR"I can do both "(DNP/Phd)

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