Which nurse bag would you recommend?


Hi, I’m wanting to find a nurse bag to carry all the necessities.
I’ve noticed that a lot of people in my hospital recommend Shylero.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the color?
(sorry for the quality, these are the amazon screens)



I have used so many bags in my life! And I just saw SHYLERO bag at your question and felt happy!
I prefer doggie patterns!)
My bag search story was long, 31 bag just did not fit cause not durable enough, so I started to search for alternatives)))
And you know I found just a thing for me, having won it in Insta Giveaway! SHYLERO nurse and utility bag is smth different - its large and roomy, with lots of pockets! And whats important it has proven durability on my 5 month experience🤪
I will leave you a link here - maybe you others find just perfect option for you :purple_heart:
Nurse Bag Link

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