Which doctorate program?


I just finished my master’s in nursing education and want to teach nursing. I plan to look for a position in a community college, but want to teach at the university level eventually. I am thinking of maybe a PhD in adult education, versus a PhD in nursing science. Anybody have experience that can help me decide?


I know of a professor who has a PhD in Health Promotion in Health Education - and not nursing - with an MSN. She had to accept the clinical faculty track rather than the tenure faculty track, but she got onto the faculty. You may have to accept this as well. I have heard of schools with this in place for those with MSNs and other-than-nursing doctorates.

If nursing education is your thing, get into a PhD program and find an advisor who is interested in nursing education research. Simulation is really hot right now and in need of further research - and you could focus in on your interest in nursing education. I just wrote an integrative review and meta-analysis on a topic in that area…


Is this Mary-Ann in Texas? I think we just had a class together.

I had not considered how the type of degree could affect tenure.


Small world! Not sure who you are yet - but I certainly haven’t hidden who I am. Welcome to the Nurse Educator Club! Congratulations on your graduation!!! -MAV


Thanks! This is Karen B, from the 2nd semester practicum group! I have technologies of instruction left this summer, but my practicum and proproject is done and defended! Almost there!

I just joined Nurses Cafe today, so I am glad to see somebody I know!

I am leaning towards the PhD program at TWU. I am a previous ADN, with a BSN and now MSN from TWU. I was just wondering if a third degree from the same institution would be a bad idea, or if that wouldn’t really matter.

Where did you earn your PhD from?


I got my PhD from UT Houston. It is not a bad thing if you get all of your degrees from the same institution, if you have no plans to teach there. TWU is funny about “academic incest” - as they call it when you get all of your degrees from one school and then try to get on the faculty at that same school. I presently teach at a school in which I was never a student - the lines between student and faculty are clearer that way.

I see that you are an Aggie Nurse - and Texas A&M has a fabulous health science center there - and they have multiprofessional simulation. You could do the nursing PhD online with TWU and work as a clinical professor at Texas A&M perhaps - and then work your way into a faculty position there in the end… Just ideas.

The VERY BEST of luck to you!! -MAV

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