What was your first year of Nursing like?


Share your emotional experience of your first year, compared to right now.


I was a very young immature 16 year old when I started Nursing School in 1968, the rose colored glasses were knocked off quickly that first yr. 1970, but love my profession and found my calling. Retired now but for all the new graduates Nursing is a very rewarding career. Just remember look and listen to your patients, not just the machines or technology they are connected to. Remember treat everyone as you would your most loved one. Happy Nurse’s Week to All. Ali


The first year of nursing for me was quite intimidating. I felt like a culture shock seeing so many patients and trying to administer medications in an orderly manner was quite hectic. I started in a Nursing Home taking care of geriatric patients. I felt I was slow and not able to finish my work within the timeframe and felt lagging behind. But I persevered and improved my speed and now I feel more comfortable talking with my fellow team mates who helped encourage me and helped me feel needed and valuable in my profession. I treat my friends and enemies alike and tried to learn as much as possible by giving them praise and thanks for helping me and teaching me to develop into a strong and dedicated nurse. I have learned to give and take and be and most of all to treat everyone with utmost respect. I am thankful to be in the nursing profession.


My sentiments exactly. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone with these feelings in a Nursing Home setting. Finishing the shift in a structured scheduled time is still very dependent on what events may have happened during that time. If all goes as planned, a schedule can be adhered to. Otherwise, who knows!


First year is always tough you get to know things, people and surrounding. In Nursing career your learning never stops and everyday something new comes up. Some patients and really difficult to deal with but with time i know how to deal with them. The feeling to give others is never been traded with any worldly thing…

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