What makes you read and apply for a job posting?


Good Morning, :sunny:

I am hoping to gain a little perspective for my new role staffing all of you lovely creatures! I have staffed other healthcare positions in the past and I am looking to be better for you. My family member suggested to come here and see what I could learn and take with me on my journey.

What is about a title that makes you stop and read a job posting?
How often are you job hunting?
How long will you spend reading and applying for a job?
Is relocation for a 2 year assignment something that people actually look for?
What is better, PRN or contract?
What can I do as an agency to make it easier for you when you are looking for a job?

I really appreciate everyone’s time and welcome all answers, good or bad!

Thank you all for what you do, you are greatly appreciated by many. :smiley:

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