What is your best nursing ghost story?


We’ve all seen and heard crazy things late at night in the hospital.

Share your best stories here.


Working at night and the call light that keeps going off in a room that’s empty…


I worked in a psych hospital for 5 years. So there aren’t a shortage of ghost stories and there are lots of creepy hallways.


I work 11 -7 on a substance abuse rehab and periodically the pt get to talking about ghosts and such. Well…on one of other floors at our hospital, one of the doors had a grain pattern that really looked like a spirit, and since our unit is the only unit left in the bldg.( since we merged with the other hospital in the city), the floor was dark and empty. The patients would hear about this door, from past patients and ask to be taken up to see it; so once in a while one of us would take a couple of them up to see it - the patients loved it-- but didn’t get much sleep that night. Too bad it isn’t there anymore, the upper floors of the bldg. were put to a new use and all the old walls and doors are gone now.
We only took them up on a Saturday night; Sunday’s they don’t have any program, just visitation in the afternoon, so they didn’t have to get up until lunch.


Working night shift always creates the aura of mystery. We have had numerous staff and visitors tell us there was someone walking down a hall and when we go to look no one is there. The automatic paper towel dispenser also goes off frequently without anyone being near.

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