What is your best Nurses Week memory?


My best memory was from Washoe Medical in Reno where they had a Pastor come around and give you the Blessing of the Hands. One of my most spiritual moments I have ever had.


My best Nurses Week memory is the week that I found out there was a thing called Nurses Week. The staff bought me a plant. Who knew?


Here in Southern California, Cinnabon gives a free Cinnabon to Nurses during Nurse’s Week. It never fails, every year!


I helped create memories for the staff… we did a caring hands photos.i took pictures of Staff hands and we guessed who they belonged to for prizes. We played a movie trivia game. We had a burger truck come serve burgers. Ice cream social. I posted nursing trivia around the facility for staff to guess for prizes.Lastly we gave away nursing bags filled with edible goodies. I really had a wonderful time planning/creating that nurses week for the staff.


I work for a system that loves their nurses. The whole week has something everyday for us to enjoy. My favorite is tuesday they have our patients present us with thank you cards and bags of candy. Thursday good too banana splits.


This past nurses week provided THE BEST Nurse’s Week ever. The company that I used to work for was bought by Walgreens Infusion. They treated us to a lovely dinner at a very expensive restaurant that I would not be able to go to normally. What a treat!!!

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