What is the opinion on med techs nd ma's


I just wonder what peoples opinions are about med techs as this is all new to me


I have an MA in my clinic. She primary works the front with scheduling and phone triage. It is nice to have an MA in that position as I can pull her to the back of the office prn to help out.

I have concerns about shortages leading to usage of MA’s and tech’s to perform higher nursing skills other than vitals and lab collection. I definitely have concerns with medication administration. However, in particular roles they are an added benefit.

Before I was an NP i worked night shift on a respiratory floor. We had one tech for the entire floor. Leaving the RN’s to do all vitals, bathing, and bathroom assistance. While we did not mind doing it, it did often run us “into the ground”.

In short, I think there should be clear structure on what they are and are not allowed to do. But in the right role they can be valued team members. .


I was a MA before I became a nurse. I feel MAs are valuable, but should not be expected or required to perform the nurse’s duties. I have an issue with med techs, however. It seems facilities are utilizing med techs to literally push meds without the know-how to address side effects/adverse reactions. For example, a med tech asked me what I do with a patient’s digoxin if the pulse is low. My response was, obviously, hold the med. She informed me she was instructed to have the patient move around to get her heart rate up so the med could be given. They “push” pre-packaged medications without knowing what effect the pills will have on the patient. I feel they are not given the proper education to pass meds, at least in Pennsylvania.

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