What has been the most rewarding moment of your nursing career?


We all have those moments that are very rewarding. Tell everyone about your most rewarding moment in nursing.

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The most rewarding part of being a nurse is making my mother; that is also a nurse proud of my following in her foot steps. As long as I can remember I knew I wanted to be a nurse.I have always loved my “calling” have been fortunate enough to work in several different areas which was very interesting. I have been a hospice nurse for many years…This field was my calling.I feel so very lucky to have always loved what I do for a living and all the wonderful peopleI have been fortunate enough to comfort in their final trip o the other side


Watching some of my preemie/sick babies get well, go home and grow up has been almost as important as watching my own kids grow. I actually got to see one of my ex-preemie babies get married a few years ago…used hand-fulls of kleenex and took loads of pictures. Then, two years later, went to the same little town to see his mom get married. Remaining close to some families has been very rewarding.


My moments are my parents they were so happy i serving as the nurse. You get respect in the circle and see diversity of cultures seeking for our help everyday


The most memorable moment when I help in the medication of one needy family in Africa, Congo who doesn’t have money to buy food and clothes and they live in remote area of the country. After contributing in that field, I felt like I have created a value in their lives. The best part was that when I was leaving, and their kids and women were crying and saying, please don’t leave us soon. That time I never forget.

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