What brands of Scrubs do you like best?


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Some of the softest, most comfortable scrubs:

-Grey’s Anatomy brand, LOVE their tops, they’re basically all I wear (Mock Wrap top)

-Jersey brand tops and pants

-Koi, has some great cargo style pants (“Lindsey”) that are very popular in my hospital in lots of great colors


According to the sources, Since 1972 Cherokee has been one of the overwhelming favorite scrubs brands.


What are the best scrubs for nurses?

we had real nurses wear the scrubs to work and review each scrubs brand. Side note, we also pampered and took amazing photos of our real nurse models! The purpose of scrubs are to be like disposable clothing that one wears at work during surgery. In an operating room. The phenomenon of floor nurses wearing scrubs kind of perplexed me.

There’s really no need for it if you’re just wearing scrubs in from your house and going home in them at night. There are many uniforms on the market, Look at Gadgetssai for nursing scrubs brands. I generally look for a uniform that stretches and helps me move easily when doing so many tasks as a nurse.


I think wonderwink is the best option so far! although there are others as well but I find wonderwink more comforting.

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