What brands of Scrubs do you like best?


Do you have a brand of scrubs that you love to wear? I’m looking for a new one that’s comfortable for longer shifts.


When I used to wear full scrubs, I personally liked Koi tops and NRG bottoms. The NRG pants feel like pajama pants, and the Koi tops are pretty, and are very breathable.


Ooooh awesome! Thanks.

The Koi pants look like cargo pants. But the tops are very nice looking.


Definitely going to look for some of these.


You have great taste! I love the koi pants in the winter because they are thicker than traditional scrubs. Keeps you warmer!


Thanks for the compliments! I can’t wait to be able to wear full scrubs again. Right now my job allows me to wear civilian clothes and I can choose to wear scrub tops if I want to. I think wearing full scrubs is easier instead of trying to figure out what to wear every day lol


I like the cherokee brand. However, it basically comes down to drawstring or elastic. I like an elastic waist but many of the girls I worked with loved drawstring. Also some hospitals have a dress code and some do not. It is the same with other medcal facilities. I prefer cherokee because they last a long time. I buy whatever tops I like. Remember most 100% cotton scrubs need at least some ironing. I try not to iron anything! God luck!


I have so many brands in my closet, including pretty Koi and Cherokee, but my new go to is Grey’s Anatomy. Wearing them as I write this. They’re super soft, stylish and come out of the dryer wrinkle-free.


I wear MOBB, great pockets and they last forever, trouble is, the style I like are getting hard to find so I recently bought some Cherokee, not as thrilled with them.


I just recently discovered Buttersoft tops they are so soft and yet fit comfortably


I like to wear any brand of scrubs that are bright and colorful. I feel this makes the patient that is going through some medical issues feel a little better if they see some brightness instead of dull colors from there nurse. I have had many of my patients say how nice it is to see a nurse in scrubs that brightens their day!


I like to make all my scrub tops - cheap, easy, and plentiful - and I’ve got something for every holiday/season! I get lots of compliments when I wear my sock monkey top, or my Roy Rogers/Dale/Trigger top. For pants, I like Urbane brand.


I love greys Anatomy scrubs by barco – pretty much all I wear!


I really like the way greys anatomy scrubs look but they never have them n bigger sizes.


Koi is my favorite uniform brand


I personally don’t like scrubs at all. In fact that I feel scrubs doesn’t justify our profession. I think it’s time to modernize the scrubs in more professional looking designs like suits. + they don’t contain cold so I am constantly uncomfortable in them. Year around I am wearing 2-3 layers to keep myself warm. Uhhh! I can’t stand them.


I like greys anatomy and ICU scrubs. The material is soft against your skin, and the cut is made for a gals figure.


I love greys also but only problem I find is if they ever do get wrinkled they are hard to get the wrinkles out completely.


I have found a website that makes the scrubs to your specifications. I love their scrubs. I can choose different style tops and bottoms and their prices are awesome. www.tedsmedicalthreads.com,


I love the Dickie scrubs, plenty of pockets, slits, and tags to attach clippies to.


I love Cherokee, Dickies and Gray’s Anatomy…comfortable and beautiful colors & styles.

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