Universal health care & the ACA (Affordable Care Act), Obamacare


This law is engineered for variation according to Altman’s analysis. You mean, like “adaptation” in Callista Roy’s nursing theory??!!


In the above article, Altman states:

“(Premiums) . . .will vary widely across areas for reasons including the level of competition between insurance companies and how accurately insurers projected the mix of healthy and sick people in their risk pools.”

It seems that you have to understand insurance principles in order to appreciate this statement.


I feel everyone should be able to have affordable health care coverage, however my personal experience since Obamacare rolled out has been anything but beneficial. Insurance premiums have gone up, coverage has gone down, deductibles and co-pays have become such that my family cannot afford them. The cost for my employer’s health insurance coverage has risen to an amount that if I were to obtain the coverage that best suits my family’s needs, we’ll either be homeless or starve. I believe ACA was done incorrectly and unfairly. If America is going to have universal healthcare, we should model it after some of the countries where it actually works and helps the citizens, not continue to feed into big business.
My personal opinion has always been that anyone employed in health care should have free insurance, although I realize that is virtually impossible, especially today. I think it’s absolutely insane that a nurse (for over a decade) has to live without insurance for her entire family because after Obamacare rolled out the premiums for coverage doubled, and my “gross” income prevents me from any type of assistance with paying for coverage.
ACA has potential, but it needs to be Affordable for everyone.


I’m sorry this happened to you and your family, Briansgirl. You’re right. It isn’t fair. I wonder if you have tried appealing your case to a local assemblyperson, a U.S. Senator or Representative? A letter like the articulate response that you wrote here in the Nurse’s Cafe presents your case well. If I was you, I’d be sending the above response directly to the White House! Perhaps 2 copies: one for POTUS and one to Michelle Obama as well. The insurance carrier should also know about this unfair situation, as well as the state Commissioner of Insurance. You go, girl, and stand up for yourself and your family!


I believe everyone should have affordable health coverage but feel this current attempt is sorely lacking in its efforts. I have also been a nurse since 1997 and constant increases in premiums, daycare and other cost of living expenses has placed my family in the working poor class with the way of getting ahead. Talks of minimum wage increase does not help our bottom line. I continue my work because I love what I do unfortunately it does not help me achieve “the American dream.”


I am sorry, dsb268, that you, too, are struggling. Have you let your people, your providers, know that you now consider yourself among the working poor? Your employer should know. Your representatives (local, state and in Washington) should be informed. It is sometimes said that nurses don’t have a voice, or don’t assert themselves. I encourage you to speak up. If nothing else, speak up to your local media/TV stations. In my area, the “consumer” reporters often respond to stories like yours.

This is really about more than Obamacare. It is the big picture for your family: daycare expenses, health insurance increases and cost-of-living salary increases for both you and your spouse. I don’t know how you feel about asking for help from your church, or from a food pantry. I don’t know how you feel about shopping at resale shops. That is how I have cut back. Just this year, I have cut back on my insurance coverage and on my cell phone bill. I have come to love the resale shops and the Goodwill. It feels like deprivation at first, but after a while, it feels like you were smart and got a bargain.

I wish you and all who have to cut back the very best! You will figure it out and you will prevail because your heart is in the right place.


Here is the latest report on Obamacare from Kaiser Health:



Here is a link to an article re: improving the ACA/Obamacare. It is a “policy” article but strives to avoid “politics”. I am especially on-board with the 4th suggestion–improving access to Medicaid, since I am in a state where the governor has decided NOT to expand Medicaid.

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