Travel Nursing - Who Is Qualified?


What Does It Take To Start Travel Nursing?

Travel Nursing is for any RN, LPN, CNA, or Allied Health professional looking for an adventure and likes money. Experience requirements change based on your area of specialty, the facility, and location. As a general rule, you must have two or more years’ experience in a hospital setting to be considered for any travel nursing assignments.

What makes a good Travel Nurse?

Someone who is flexible, eager to learn new skills and enjoys a new adventure makes an excellent Travel Nurse. Travel Nurses should have excellent clinical skills and be able to adapt to a new clinical setting quickly and easily.

Will this impact future full time employment?

Hiring managers are familiar with the travel health care industry and will view this as a bonus. Working as a travel nurse demonstrates your dedication to your profession and an ability to adapt.

Where are Travel Nurses hired?

Because the demand for Nurses is so high, many hospitals now hire Travel Nurses. Work with your recruiter to find the travel assignment location and type of facility that meet your goals.

Do I receive any training?

Each hospital will provide its own orientation program to ensure you learn the specifics of the new facility. Orientation can take two or more days.

Are there any negatives?

Experienced travelers will tell you, you will get lots of spam emails and sales calls if you’re not careful. Travel Nursing has become a big industry, many travel agencies or travel nursing websites will sell your contact information after you sign up. You could end up getting sales calls daily! So make sure to only use trusted websites that clearly states they will not do this.

How can I pick a travel company and get started?

Create a profile on Recruiters can view your experience and travel goals anonymously, and then send you payment and job details. Nurse Dealer is not affiliated to any agency’s and doesn’t sell your contact information. This site will ensure you never have to deal with annoying sales calls.

How long is a typical travel assignment?

Most assignments are 13 weeks, but can range anywhere from four weeks to more than a year. Some also offer temp to perm assignments which is great if your shopping around for a good hospital to
work at full time.

Can I bring pet or people with me?

Yep, but be sure to let your recruiter know so that he or she can help you plan effectively to accommodate them.

If I enjoy my assignment, can I extend?

Many times travelers are asked to extend an assignment by the facility and choose to renew their travel contract one or more times.

How much can I make?

Rates vary based on location and specialty, but is usually double for RN’s.

Do agencies pay for travel?

Most agencies provide travel compensation.

Do agencies offer health care and dental coverage?

Most offer some sort of health benefits or a reimbursement program.

Any other pay incentives?

Many travel nursing companies offer some kind of bonuses, including sign-on, completion and referral bonuses, as well as other incentives.

Who pays for housing?

You are typically given the option to take the housing stipend of typically $1,200-$1,500 and find your own temporary housing, or your agency can take the stipend and arrange it for you. The housing stipend comes from the facility not the agency and is money set aside within your hourly bill rate for housing.

Who pays for meals etc…?

The government allows a portion of your wages to be untaxed to compensate for meals and necessities that come with travel nursing. Talk with your recruiter to see what percentage this will be.

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