Travel Nursing - Where have you been?


I would like to take my nursing skills to other geographical areas of need. I’m looking for some information on where to start! Where have you been? Are there organizations that specialize in clinical placement for LPN’s who are willing to travel or work remotely? What other information should I consider?


I would start on You Tube. I’ve seen a couple videos on there from nurses that have done it and will give you great tips on how to get started. If you live in a compact state, you can work in about 20 states without having to go through the process of applying for that state’s particular license. Places available to work with a compact license can include New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee and many others. One of their requirements though is that you have an address in one of those states–at least when you apply.

I am a fairly new recruiter working for a company that places nurses all over the USA including Alaska. The pay for travel nurses can range from $22 to $60 per hour, depending on your specialty and region. There are some regions, and facilities, that are short on nurses, so they will pay a higher salary. Most assignments will last 13 weeks, but there are shorter and longer assignments. A nurses may be extended over and over and may stay at a facility long after their original ending dates; some for a year or two.

I recently spoke to a nurse that was looking specifically for something in the New England area. We had an opportunity in Maine that she was particularly interested in. In the end, she took something in Connecticut, but we will be looking at Maine for the fall. What a great way for her to enjoy that part of the country, while still working in her profession.

Some nurses travel alone, some with their spouses and pets. Some ask that we provide housing, while others travel on their own, stay with family, travel by RV.

I hope this helps, but feel free to ask anything else. I will be happy to respond.


Interested in travel nursing?

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Hi Lori, I was wandering, what is the pay scale for an agency RN working in Maine in a long term facility?

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