Transitional Nursery Staffing


A little background first:

I work for a facility that delivers 2000 babies a year. We are one of the only facilities in the area that does couplet care, meaning that each nurse has the mother and newborn as a patient team. Our staff nurses take 3 couplets on average equally 6 patients. As part of insurance requirements for the state of Mississippi all the facilities that deliver newborns are required to earn Baby Friendly Status. We have been working on the guidelines and recently passed our CHAMPS visit with flying colors. However, we are having issues with all of the maternity staff being willing to step up and help with keeping the babies in the room through the transition process (first 4 hours after delivery).
I would like to know how other places perform transitional care. Would anyone be willing to answer the following questions?

  1. Who attends the delivery as the babies nurse?

  2. Who stays with the baby and mom during the first two hours of life as recommended by the AAP?

  3. Do you perform STS in the OR for a c-section? If so, who stays with the baby during that process?

Any advice would be welcome! We are trying to provide the best, safest, care for our patients while not working our staff any harder than they already do!

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