Survey on usage of oxygen humidifier bottles in ventilators


Dear All, I am posting here a 5 min survey that aims at improving experiences of nursing staff with more thoughtful healthcare products. Please go through the same. I really appreciate your effort in filling out the survey.

There have been increasing cases of nosocomial infections due to colonization of microbes in oxygen humidifier bottles used in ventilators(more common across India). COVID has substantially increased the workload on healthcare staff and unprecedented changes in routine operating conditions. Chances of contamination of humidifier bottles are higher due to ignorance, stressed resources (human and material), untrained newly hired staff etc.

Purpose of the study:
To identify possible sources of contamination, assess the quality of training and determine the amount of work hours devoted by healthcare personnel in cleaning and replacement of water in oxygen humidifiers bottles used specifically for ventilators. Use these insights for designing a self disinfecting oxygen humidifier bottle.

Target Audience:
Nursing staff specifically using/handling the ventilator and associated accessories in ICU and COVID ward.

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