Struggling with nursing drug calculations?


Hi folks,

Can anyone answer the questions below?

  1. A baby weighs 3.95kg. How much does the baby weigh in pounds and ounces?

  2. A patient weighs 11 stones . The daily dose 20mg/kg, calculate the patient’s daily dose. Answer in grams to 2 decimal places.

3)A patient requires oral doses of drug Z. Dose required is 15 ml four times a day for 3 weeks. What volume do you need to prescribe in mls?

  1. A patient is given 3mls of 1:1000 drug H. How many mls of drug H has the patient received?

  2. How much of drug F is contained in a 1 in 10000 unit solution of adrenaline?

6)How much of drug F is contained in a 1 in 100 unit solution of adrenaline?

  1. Solution contains 5g/L of drug H, How many grams will be in a solution of 200ml?

  2. 270mg of drug J is prescribed. 5ML of solutions contains 30mg what volume is needed?


google the universal unit calculator and get it gone with in minutes…


Well, I always calculate drug after consulting with the doctor.

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