Significance of Effective Patient Communication for your Practice


If we calculate provider’s total contact time with patients, it was found to be very small. Despite the small amount of time spent in contact with a patient, provider’s actions result in very large expenses and patients’ better outcome. Any miscommunication can result in a great deal of wastage of time and money.

If patient has 30 minutes appointment with the provider, He / She will spend only a few minutes listening to them. Most of the time providers will be doing tests, documenting the visit, filling out forms, and talking to patients. Providers don’t spend nearly enough time finding out what matters to the patient and helping the patient live with any problems they have.

Patient engagement and their communication play a vital role here if patients share and/or review health information over the patient portal. It will be good for the patient if they could share his/her health conditions prior to visit and patient engagement may help provider in further diagnosis and planning.

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You mean to say a counseling session, this has its own significance to better understand what might have have caused the condition. Thanks OminMD

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