Share the weirdest reasons patients press the call light


What are some of the strangest reasons you’ve had a patient press the call button?

I’m still in school, but I’m sure there are some crazy ones out there and I would love to hear your stories and what life is like caring for patients.


A COPD patient used the call light to yell at me that she couldn’t breathe. No joke… she yelled.


A Hospice patient called me on the bell to see how fast I would come and kept track of time and told me to be faster next time and laughed.


I had an elderly woman who was confused - she kept pressing her call light and each time I would go to see what she needed, she would say " I cannot find the call light button " … … needless to say we had to answer her call light many times over the evening !!


A COPD patient complaining he lost his cigarette lighter! This was way back before the No Smoking regulations.


I had a patient call 911 bc she couldnt find the call light that was lying on the pillow beside her head. When i entered the room she asked me to move her pillow.


I work with traumatic brain injuries and one night my call light went off so I went in the room and the pt was singing into the call light. She thought she was a lead singer n a band singing into a microphone. Poor thing It was sad and funny at the same time. Once she
healed and got better I told her the story and she cracked up laughing and said when I was a little girl I used anything I could for a microphone cause wanted to be a star. Good times!


To let you know they’ve finished their meal so u can remove the tray. That bothers me. I know they should know by now we will collect it. But …I digress


I heard singing one day coming through the intercom, went down to the patients room and he was using the call bell as a microphone , just having a great time , it was so cute!!!


I had a patient ring the call light and ask for a soda, milk, crackers and peanut butter, I gathered it all and took it to the room and it was not for my patient but for her adult friend that came to visit.

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