RN Nursing Student---HELP!


Is there any one who can possible relate to RN school currently? Love the pace , but super exhausting. Anyone out there for kind words of encouragement???


Krishara how are you doing over there,… I am here for you all okay I am a good, caring, understanding man okay you can also reach me on perfectheart40m@gmail.com okay thank you dear


Hi! I am currently taking online courses for my BSN. This is my last semester. Woohoo!! I feel I do much more work with the online courses than going to class but it fits my life. I can still work full time and I do my studies on my own time. I love it! If you are continuing your education in nursing, it’s the best choice you can make for your career and for the patients you care for. Your gaining new knowledge and enhancing the old. You can only improve who you are as a nurse. Nursing school is rough but you attain the skills you need to care for the loved ones of others. Keep moving forward, be positive, and you’ll be successful. You can do it! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are where God wants you to be, preparing to serve Him in the manner He has chosen for you. IF YOU ASK EACH MORNING, He will give you the strength you need for TODAY, so only focus on TODAY. All the challenges of the next day, week, month or longer can be overwhelming, because HE HAS ONLY GIVEN YOU THE STRENGTH YOU NEED TODAY.

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