Retired and loving it!


I am a retired nurse and it is wonderful to be able to work when I want to . I do some chart reviews online which is great- because you do not have to dress up or drive anywhere. I still like to see people to
so doing flu shots or health clinics are fun too. I love being a nurse.


Hi! I am a senior RN-- retired. My wife is an active RN and I do Miss the work. Can’t cut the walking and lifting. God bless all you young guys and gals. Nursing is a great life!!! Bob Sr


Tell me how to get into this. I’m 69 and want to retire with an income to supplement mt SS


I would also like to do these things in my retirement years. Do you use an agency for this?


I work with Summit Healthcare just check their website to apply.


Thanks for the information about Summit, @lala! That’s very helpful!


How/where does one find a job doing chart reviews ONLINE ? I am a CLNC and have years of experience reviewing charts for all kinds of things (and I LOVE IT!). (I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames novels - scarred me for life!) (grinning here) I too am (essentially) retired - but the chart/record review really fits my lifestyle. Will you share how I can access a job like yours? My personal email is
I look forward to hearing from you –

Lynne Woodside RN


replied to message by private email.


I am a Author and a RN. Recently stopped working as a Hospice Nurse after 14 years. I hope to finish my second book. Love and light to all the nurses who continue to give their all. Marjorie Tafoya

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