Questions about FTEs and Operating Budgets

  1. ADC = 20
    -----------Days 7a-7p - 2 RNS, 2LPNS, 2 NAs, 1 unit secretary
    -----------Nights 7p-7a - 2 RNS, 2LPNS, 2 NAs
    How do I figure out FTE equivalents?

  2. 17 RNs working 12 hour shifts on days/nights all together; what is FTE?

  3. Fifty new beds need to be replaced on a unit. Is that considered capital budget or operational budget? I assumed capital, but they’re needed for operating the unit.

  4. Is a Joint Commission Survey expense by hospital considered a fixed expense like sick/vacation time, admin overhead, salaries/wages?

  5. What is the largest expense for our hospital? Payroll, Supplies, Drugs, or FICA Tax?

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