Personal Care home Administrator/ Nursing Supervisors


I have been a PCH Administrator since 1984. I have come across many, many girls I have trained to be PCA"S and Med Tech’s.I have been very successful. Lately, some of the staff I hire are lazy, unreliable and insubordinate. They have had shining references and yet they turn out to be duds. Any ideas ?


I don’t have any ideas and I’m not a manager, but I think society as a whole seems to have this work ethic where it is acceptable to do as little as you can while your on the clock. Even my kids, who are hard workers and will go the extra mile, see that among their peers. The bottom line is that anyone can interview well and anyone can look good on paper.


There are two things that I see why people gets lazy and unreliable,

1.) It’s their nature - they are used to it.
2.) they don’t love the Job or the people behind it. :slight_smile:

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