Open Pressure Ulcers and barrier cream


I am looking for information to help settle a dispute. I have been previously informed that when dealing with pressure ulcers or other incontinence related wounds that you should not use a barrier cream on open wounds. I believe it was more specifically targeted at zinc-based creams. From my research, I have found this to be true. Research with a clinical citation or evidence-based citation is difficult for me to find. I have researched some common brands of cream and their documentation seems to support this, but they are lacking specific detail and criteria. I have read these creams can be used in conjunction with other dressings, but should only be placed around the wound.

Do any of you have any guidance or personal experience regarding this? Can anyone provide any evidence-based research that supports this argument either way? I am not trying to prove that I am correct. I would just like to know what is best practice.

Thank You!

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