Nursing faculty bullying and lateral violence


I have been a nurse educator in a community college for 15 years. I was an ICU nurse for 11 years prior to this position. I read in the literature the biggest obstacle to the number of nursing students admitted into nursing programs is a faculty shortage. I have suffered so much bullying from directors and deans over the years. I have a doctorate. I plan to retire early because of the toxic work environment. I would not encourage any nurse to pursue an advanced degree in nursing education. I love the job and the students but the bullying has become intolerable. Nurse educators are not smarter than any nurse. They by advanced education have expanded knowledge. I have found that nurse educators have sharper knives in which to back stab colleagues. I will return from Christmas break to new administration. I have to wonder what fresh hell I have in store. My program is so dysfunctional it is on probation by the Alabama Board of Nursing.

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