Nursing as a single mom


I’m a single mom and a brand new nurse. I worked hard to get through that initial two years of nursing school and boards to get my job and now I’m looking ahead to further education and more letters behind my name… I’m wondering how many other single moms have done this. Do you have any advice? It’s looking like an awfully long road ahead right now…


I don’t have experience with this, but I’m hoping someone out there does. That said, my wife grew up with a single mom who is a respiratory therapist. She turned out great. Her grandparents were a very big help to her, though. Just know that it’s going to be difficult at times, and accept that. Then, as my mom always said… grin and bear it.

I think a good support system is always helpful as well. Friends and family. What you want to do is provide for your family the best way that you know how.

Remember, you can do it. You’re worth it. Your child (or children): worth it.


In 2011 I had a divorce. I have been a single mother since 2009 with 2 boys. I attained my MSN, then PhD. With God, all things are possible.

You can do it…It’s mindset


I just graduated this past December all while raising my daughter (who is turning 3 on Thursday!) It CAN be done. I was in a class with mostly adult learners who all had children, young and grown. There is no reason that it can’t be done. I would have my boyfriend/her dad watch her while I studied for tests, and if I had her, I would read her the notes, so I could keep her entertained while I studied.

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