Nurses Eat Their Young - Need Help


Working on a school Project.
I am wondering if there are any NURSES out there that have been BULLIED or HARASSED at work by coworkers or patients that would be willing to share their story? I’m working on a project for my last semester of Nursing school. ONLY THE STORY WILL BE SHARED WITH MY CLASS. NO NAMES OR FACILITIES!

Hello Crystalkin, I am sorry to hear that you have been bullied at school. I have not been bullied at work but there are times where I have been victimized and mistreated while interacting with others. One of the most recent experiences with bullying has been on social media nursing forums. I have been ostracized and berated despite my meekness and professionalism. In order to be a great nurse or a great individual as a whole, you must turn the other cheek and continue to be mature. If you are being targeted in excess,  it may be a good idea to contact a supervisor. If possible, stay away from those negative people.  I wish you the best and I hope that you use those past experiences to help build yourself into a stronger and wise nurse.



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