Nurse Case Manager positions

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I am presently a case manager and coordinator for the Stat Home Health Palliative care program. I truly love what I do and it gives me piece of mind knowing that I have and can make a difference in a pts life and assist them with their choices when in comes to their pt care. They depend on me and my nurses to be their advocate. I have trained my nurses to treat all of their pts with the utmost respect and consideration. My motto has always been, “Treat those as you would want to be treated” because one of these days you may be on the receiving end and would expect the same!


You’re awesome! I have found this to be true …what goes around comes around. I have been a nurse for 24 years and had a heart transplant less than 3 years ago. I’m back to work on a very part-time basis now, because I miss nursing so much. And I had a home care nurse for over a year before my transplant to take care of my infusion line. I have truly been on both sides of the equation. And it only makes me a better, more empathetic nurse!


Wow Amy!! That is a true testament to my beliefs!! What an amazing story and journey you have been on! I truly hope you are doing ok since all of this took place!! God speed!!


Thank you Erika! I must admit, being on 24 meds a day, filling my own med boxes, then going out to see patients and doing the same thing for them, it’s a challenge! And I’m also trying to be a mom to my three daughters (18,19, &22) and I’ll tell you the truth: it’s not been the simplest journey! However, I keep telling myself I have been kept on this earth for a reason …a purpose … and being a nurse is part of my purpose… I’m much happier and more fulfilled now that I’m back to work… can’t work a lot, and I need days of recovery in between …but I’m working…and living …and that’s enough for me. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much.


Oh my goodness!! Amy are here for a purpose. God has a plan for you its obvious. Being a mom to your 3 beautiful daughters is one. Being a nurse is evidently another. It takes someone special to fill both those shoes. Not everyone can be a nurse or deserves to be. I have come across so many nurses in my life time that are in it for all the wrong reasons. Those are the ones that never succeed and are miserable. Being in this field for the $ is definitely not a good reason. LOL. I am most certain that this hasn’t been a simply journey for you at all!! I can not even begin to imagine!! Your journey I am sure filled you with more knowledge and the ability to relate to pts. even more so than before. Even though it was a tough one and I am sure you questioned “why me??”, there was purpose in it. My sister was born with a congenital heart disease - transposition of the greater arteries. She was not suppose to live past the age of 6 and she definitely was not suppose to have any children. She is my purpose for doing what I do. I knew in the beginning from everything she went through as a child through her adult life that this was my niche. She just recently died 3 months ago…and not from her heart condition. She was 45 and she gave me a beautiful healthy niece who is now 21. So we are placed in life and situations by God’s grace. You take care of yourself!

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