New RN Mistake and Advise Needed Please!


I feel so awful!! Today I accidentally administered 3x the normal dose of Lovenox for a patient. When I realized what happened I immediately messaged the physician who came to assess the patient. I was told to just monitor the patient for bleeding. Next thing I know the police and paramedics show to take the patient to the hospital. The officer asked if the patient would like to press charges and patient says “not yet.” The ADON shows later and asks how this happened. I told her that I’m working a skilled rehab unit by myself with a census of 25 patients. I’ve only been at this job for 2 months and was previously working on a psychiatric unit. I don’t know what to do. Anyone have advice? BTW the patient is ok.


Any update? Accidents happen to everyone. The key is to own up to it - like you did!! - and find ways to prevent the same thing from happening again. I’m sorry this happened, but we’ve all made similar mistakes.


Don’t stress u self hope no action against u since nothing wrong with pt. I hope. Also no one report u to the board. I made more serious mistake just luckily not reported. The long be a nurse the more coward ( careful) best wishes

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