New Nurse Troubles


So I am a nurse as of January 2019 and lately I feel like I am not cut out for the job. I love the work but I constantly feel like I cannot do anything right and get overwhelmed. I work on a unit where I have 13 people at max under my care for medications and treatments and I do all the admissions if they come in on my shift itself. I work 3pm-11:30pm and usually do not get home until 1 am or 2 am because I am so busy charting and such. Am I a failure as a nurse? I have made mistakes here and there and none too serious, but I just feel so overworked and overwhelmed doing it by myself sometimes. Does that mean I can’t hack it as a nurse??


If you did not feel overwhelmed then I would say you are not cut out to be a nurse. Keep doing your best and what you do not finish goes to the oncoming nurse. Get the major things out of the way like the admission paperwork and orders. It is a team effort and I do not think team has an I in it. I commend you on trying so hard to be the nurse the nursing school say you are suppose to be. In the real life, it is stressful, overwhelming, s
seems like people do not appreciate the services you are providing and the love you have for people. Keep doing you, your doing GREAT!!


THANK YOU. that means so much to hear. unfortunately, by workplace does not believe on leaving work for the next shift when it comes to 2nd shift. They allow first shift to do it but not second shift. So that makes it frustrating sometimes.


Keep doing your best dear. I would not say you are a failure of a nurse. You are doing great and learning. It’s the most vulnerable and trying time in a nurse’s career in future. Be a good nurse, give your patients excellent care, and quit worrying over every little error. Make sure and use these “incidents” as learning moments. You will do fine.

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