Never lose your Stethoscope again with this AirTag holder!


AirTag holder for Stethoscopes

Hi everyone! Apple AirTags are great to find lost items and also alert you when you’ve left it behind, but you need a way to attach them to things. This multifunctional AirTag holder/case can be attached to just about anything with the included mounting kit.

You can attach it to your stethoscope, otoscope, or any other medical devices using the included zip ties. It will work for most stethoscopes including the Y shape or T shaped tubing Littman stethoscopes.

You can also attach this AirTag holder to your white coat or jacket with the safety pins, hiding it inside a pocket or under the collar. You can attach it inside of your laptop bag or purse with the safety pins so it stays hidden. The keychain cable also comes with the kit for your keys.

The Etsy link is shared below, thanks for checking it out! If you love it, please give a rating and review!

AirTag holder for Stethoscopes

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