Medical Scrub Uniform Protection in Healthcare (Covid-19)


In the medical and health care sector the hygiene and cleanliness is a prime concern of practitioners. There is a critical bifurcation of wearing a sterilised uniform by doctors, nurses and surgeons, before interacting with the patient and change it after when going out of the healthcare facility or a hospital. This set of clothing is called scrub. Like many other advancements in the field of medical practices, scrubs also went through a long evolution process of identifying the need of this article, to avoid the infections or germs to be transferred in and out.

Medical scrubs are a simple set of clothes with straight cuts and minimal details for the infections and germs to hide in. Initially, nurses and doctors were using white scrubs until they realised that it causes stress for the surgeon to concentrate against the white interior of the hospital space. They come up with the solution of using the shades of green because of two main reasons, one is that the green colour has a soothing effect, and it creates a visible contrast against white in a cool colour palette and the second the bloodstains darkened on the green colour and look less unpleasant.

For further details about the scrub evolution and colour choices, you may check here & read a brief history of nurse uniform here.

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