Maslow's hierachy


Please, someone tell me how nurses figured out what a patient needs prior to Maslow’s hierarchy. Are we not smart enough to realize a patient may need O2 before self esteem? I cannot believe the amount of work nurses have created for themselves by the need for Maslow’s hierarchy and the need for their own nursing diagnosis -“as evidenced by, related to” - oh my god. Tit for tat. “Well, a physician has a diagnosis, so we need our own.” How about using the actual medical diagnosis and working from there. I can’t believe nurses let it get this far.
A patient on average, in the state of Mass, spends 6.5 days in a hospital. I’m curious to know how much time a nurse spends with a patient figuring out if they have met self actualization. I have just finished my first semester in nursing. Please, anyone who is currently a nurse, tell me it its more streamlined.


I work in the ED. We do not use half the things you learn in nursing school such as the nursing diagnoses and Maslow’s. You’re in school - you’re supposed to learn strategic methods to help you critically think as a nurse. Some in-patient floors at hospitals will make care plans, but it is a matter of clicks on the computer for documentation. You don’t use a book or website to write it down. It’s not the real world. They’re teaching you this to learn how to think as a nurse.

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