Is a man wearing a scope cover acceptable?


A male RN that I work with came in wearing a scope cover. Is this acceptable, or just plain odd? What about guys wearing scope covers in general? No go, or fine?


While I still worked in the ED a few of us wore stethoscope covers. Some of the guys wore plain stocking-net or band-net around their scopes. It always looked fine to me.


All hospitals I have worked at or interned at required no stethiscope covers. They transfer germs between patients, so both women and men shouldn’t be using them


I dont care for stethoscope covers myself. I hope people wash them! However, I think they are just fine. As long as people look clean and professional I dont care. I have seen many men wear them.


I think scope covers in general are a bad idea. It’s impossible to clean them between patients.


Good Lord! Are we practicing ‘safe auscultation?’


A male nurse wearing a scope coat presents to a patient that it appears unprofessional & perhaps a bit unnerving. Also if he keeps it on all the time a great way to spread pathogens. definitely a no go

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