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Good Afternoon,
My name is Kristen. I am an RN and have been a nurse for 30 years. 5years ago I was laid off from Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. They let most of us Supervisors go related to the budget. They hired 2 for 1 specials. Oh well. I have plenty of stories to tell and have now been a traveler for 4.5 years. All over California, San Francisco to Blythe and South Lake Tahoe. I have no family and even less friends. I was in the Army for a while, loved the 109th. I have 2 dogs, rescued of course, a blonde German Shepard and a red headed Border Collie. Let me know if I can help anyone.


What other areas are you interested in?


Hi Larry,
I am Kristen. I have had a few experiences with pts who a drug seeking and a few who are deceptive. I worked at the Betty Ford Center. I have found that being honest about your goals for them and finding a common ground for their expections of us relieves some of the emotional crap. Good luck. Kristen


Welcome to everyone here. We’ve had a lot of new members since this thread was posted, and changed a few things around. Hope to see everyone around the Nurse’s Cafe!


Hello !! Hope each of you are living life with an attitude of gratitude ! My name is Susan and I have been a Registered nurse for 42 yrs. I practiced in New York most of my career and I am happily practicing Hospice nursing in Florida as I plan for retirement. I have enjoyed. Critical Care, Renal Transplants, Industrial Nursing, Private Duty, Infection Control, Employee Health and Workers Comp. All have brought challenges and meeting wonderful people ! Now Hospice has brought my career full circle ! Life as a nurse is a challenge, and I would do it all over again ! How about you ? Happy Nurses Week ! :blush:


Good time to make a move in your career ! Now you have lots of needed experience to make a transition ! Explore your likes and never look back ! Enjoy !


RN for 4 years: Just stopped working as Quality and Clinical Outcomes Specialist RN and IT SME at Texas Health Resources. Also PRN Psychiatric Charge Nurse at Millwood Hospital.

Before RN: BS in Computer Science and Engineering and 20+ years in software development.

Future: Not sure if I will pursue NP or another master in nursing yet. However will continue to work as RN with perhaps a mix of my computer skills, as Clinical/Nursing Informatics.


Hi, i am damien pascal from houston texas i have got my Master degree in Nursing Science am 38years i am single not married. i am a news junkie, i love computer i enjoy family moral and happiness.



I’m Natalie and I’m considering going into nursing as a new career. I’ve been researching a lot over the past few months to see which areas interest me most. I’m quite keen on mental health nursing at the moment, as it’s something I’m quite passionate about. I’ve found it really useful hopping onto forums like this to get an understanding of peoples experiences in nursing, and making sure it’s the right path for me!

Good day everyone, I am a LPN with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, a Master of Science degree in Health Science and now I am working on my PhD in Medicine... I became a nurse quite young (in my 20's) over 4 years ago and I am still very young. I am a travel nurse so I move around often.
One thing that I hope to gain from this community is career enrichment advice that will benefit me through the years. I have no favorite movies or shows because there's too many to I hope you are all as proud and pleased to be a Nurse like I am.... Ttyl!




Hi, my name is Mudasir but my friends call me Muda. I’m from Ghana in the West Africa. I graduated this year with BSc Nursing and am looking forward to start work next year. It is my pleasure been part of this community and looking forward to learn from experienced nurses across the world.
My favorite movies are Fast and furious, Grey’s Anatomy.


Hi I am Emma Smith MSN Pass from New York. I have an experience of around 4 Year . Currently working as a nurse and also providing free conulstation and writing Services for many nursing students. .


Hello my name is Kerri and I have been an LPN/LVN for 25 years and I am currently in San Antonio, TX. I started traveling 8 months ago mostly between SD and TX. I work SNF/Psych/Corrections. I am looking to get some real, raw and honest feedback. Favorite movie(s)/TV shows… I do not watch much TV, but I do enjoy watching about The Viking Era. I enjoy watching movies based on true life events and Fishing shows (=D)


Hello all, my name is Jennifer and I’m doing nursing course in Australia. I’m looking to get some interactions and learn thing from experienced people here.


Hi, I am Suseth. A registered nurse from South Africa. I have worked as a Neonatal nurse while I was in the clinical field. Since then, build hospitals, and worked as a quality specialist for the private hospital sector. Due to pandemic, back in clinical area as patient safety manager. Finished my PhD and become restless. Busy setting up my blog to tell nursing stories.


If you need to pass your NCLEX then WhatsApp me on +1(609)316-8419 for more information.


Hi my name is Deepak -I’ve been in healthcare for over 25 years and been an RN for 24+ years. I’ve done hospital, clinic, school, long-term care and corporate nursing. Today I start a new position as a RN admission’s nurse for a home health care agency. I’m so excited to start a new chapter in my life. For the past 8 months taking a leave from nursing due to a recent dr.of breast cancer. Doing well, but still have a little chemo brain but willing to take on a new nursing challenge and use my brain again.


Hi there, I’m a BSN-RN in Virginia. I broke into nursing with a year in med surge with a wonderful powerhouse of a trainer to kick me into gear. I then moved into my passion, behavioral health, spent 1.5 years doing inpatient and 2 with Henrico County PACT. I stepped away following concurrent PTSD and post-concussion syndrome diagnoses. It’s now been 2 years, and I’m hoping for some advice on how to get back to it after what feels like forever. Also just love sharing nursing stories, and supporting other nurses! I’m hoping this community is positive and there are no bullies.

Horror movies, trashy reality shows, Simpsons nerd - I’ve seen every episode up to season 13… multiple times.


Hi everyone!
My name is Daniel and i just enrolled in WCU to finish up my BSN. My whole life I have wanted to help my local community and nursing for me is the best way to do so. Im excited to become apart of a diverse and intellectual group such as yourselves. Happy Wednesday :slight_smile:


Hello. My name is Eric. I was a CNA for 6 years (1992-1998) and a medical lab tech (MLT ASCP) for three after which I went into I.T. for a huge salary increase at the time.
I’ve recently become a CNA(lite) at a local facility,. I am an NAC/“hopitality” aide. So there are legally a lot of things I cannot do until I am fully certified again.
I am an older (50+) male but I find I still enjoy the work, and am looking forward to the training. It seems like CNA’s are able to legally do all the things we used to do, and then some! And nurses are critically needed right now. My plan is to become a CNA again, then take up offers on all the free training available to become an LPN, and from there who know? :slight_smile:

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