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Good Afternoon,
My name is Kristen. I am an RN and have been a nurse for 30 years. 5years ago I was laid off from Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. They let most of us Supervisors go related to the budget. They hired 2 for 1 specials. Oh well. I have plenty of stories to tell and have now been a traveler for 4.5 years. All over California, San Francisco to Blythe and South Lake Tahoe. I have no family and even less friends. I was in the Army for a while, loved the 109th. I have 2 dogs, rescued of course, a blonde German Shepard and a red headed Border Collie. Let me know if I can help anyone.


What other areas are you interested in?


Hi Larry,
I am Kristen. I have had a few experiences with pts who a drug seeking and a few who are deceptive. I worked at the Betty Ford Center. I have found that being honest about your goals for them and finding a common ground for their expections of us relieves some of the emotional crap. Good luck. Kristen


Welcome to everyone here. We’ve had a lot of new members since this thread was posted, and changed a few things around. Hope to see everyone around the Nurse’s Cafe!


Hello !! Hope each of you are living life with an attitude of gratitude ! My name is Susan and I have been a Registered nurse for 42 yrs. I practiced in New York most of my career and I am happily practicing Hospice nursing in Florida as I plan for retirement. I have enjoyed. Critical Care, Renal Transplants, Industrial Nursing, Private Duty, Infection Control, Employee Health and Workers Comp. All have brought challenges and meeting wonderful people ! Now Hospice has brought my career full circle ! Life as a nurse is a challenge, and I would do it all over again ! How about you ? Happy Nurses Week ! :blush:


Good time to make a move in your career ! Now you have lots of needed experience to make a transition ! Explore your likes and never look back ! Enjoy !


RN for 4 years: Just stopped working as Quality and Clinical Outcomes Specialist RN and IT SME at Texas Health Resources. Also PRN Psychiatric Charge Nurse at Millwood Hospital.

Before RN: BS in Computer Science and Engineering and 20+ years in software development.

Future: Not sure if I will pursue NP or another master in nursing yet. However will continue to work as RN with perhaps a mix of my computer skills, as Clinical/Nursing Informatics.

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