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Hi Everyone I’m Mary, I’ve been an LPN for thirty years now, traveled for most of them, I currently work for a Rehabilitation Hospital in South Carolina, My first staff job in over twenty years. I moved here for the sunshine, being a native of the Portland, Oregon area. I’ve worked all units my favorite was the NICU for 4 years. My favorite shows are football and The Walking Dead


I agree with a think tank. I feel like I am climbing uphill in GA! It would be nice to hear how things are going in other states. I was born and raised in Athens GA. I live right outside Athens now. The land is beautiful out here! We are fortunate to have 11 acres with our house. I am certified in Maternal/Newborn nursing. I graduated from MCG (now called Regents University which is not popular) in 1995. I love nursing!


The first question to ask, with respect to universal health care, is “Do you believe it is a RIGHT?”
In my Masters pgm, many/most nurses did NOT believe that health care is a right. It is hard to get to the next step in providing universal health care if the big players (us and the docs) don’t believe it is a right.

The success of universal health care seems to be tied to political affiliation, as well. I know I don’t need to say that conservatives and Republicans are saying that the ACA should be revoked. Liberals and Democrats (not all) are behind the ACA–which is our current attempt at universal healthcare. In Red states, Medicaid has not been expanded–as in my own state, Wisconsin.
We have a Republican governor, Scott Walker, who would block universal health care and has blocked ACA (Obamacare) as much as he can.

I think that when Medicare was first enacted, there was similar opposition.

Nurses may want universal health care despite their political affiliation–because we see how much people need preventative and sick-care. But nurses do not seem to have strong voices,
in general. Do you agree?

Just this morning, the Kaiser Family Foundation (Drew Altman) wrote a reasonable piece about the ACA and addressed some of the objections. Altman stated, dispassionately, the how the ACA was designed to be flexible. I will go back to the article and link to it–and/or copy a paragraph or
two. Tomorrow–I have to go to work soon.

Hey, do you think this should be a new topic on this site: universal health care and the ACA?


My name is Monica, I have been a RN for 20 years. I live in Georgia. I work in a hospital on a medical/surgical floor and at an inpatient psychiatric hospital.


Hi! My Name is Becky. I live in Iowa. At the age of 40 I decided to pursue my dream of being a nurse. I graduated as an LPN 2 years later. Shortly after graduating I was offered a job as a 2nd shift industrial nurse at a local meat processing plant. I absolutely loved the job but with two school age children and a grand daughter we ended up getting custody of, it just didn’t work out! I had to make the choice of my career or see my grand daughter go to foster care. I chose family. I know that I will never be able to find a job comparible to that one ever again. I was in charge of CPR/ First Aid training, BBP training, Work Comp and Short Term DIsability claims, scheduling dr appointments, taking care of injuries as they happened, the list goes on. Future plans are to become a family practice nurse or get into the field of Psych. I am hoping to connect with other nurses that have had struggles over the years in this community. Favorite shows are NCIS, the Following, Bones, House.


My name is James I have been an LPN for 17 years now. Working in a nursing home in king george virginia near Fredricksburg virginia love it, wouldn’t change a thing. My plan to go back to school get my RN not just that my get my BSN will open a lot of doors. I think I have done everything a nurse can do I was a navy hospital corpsman for 12 years and did and seen a lot, so I’m hoping to get advice from here and maybe answer questions or 2 if need be so thanks


My name is Larry. I’ve been an RN for about 9 years now. Most of my experience centers around psychiatric and addictions. I currently work for Catholic Charities of Trenton New Jersey. I spend my days out in the community doing what I can to keep my patients out of the hospitals.
Happily married, father of two, with two dogs and one turtle.
I plan to further my education, just not sure where although I’m sure it will be in nursing. It took a long time to find my calling so I’m not the youngest in the crowd.
Looking forward to becoming part of this online community.


Hi. I’m Lisa. I’ve been an RN in Obstetrics for 11 years. I LOVE my job, but recently have had problems that I never had before. Three fellow nurses stabbed me in the back over something totally unforgivable. I’m not a disciplinary problem, but ended up with a six month final written warning. Devastated. Changed my whole outlook about my job. Put a bad taste in my mouth. Now after so many years there, I dread going to work. Any advice on how to get through this? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi I,m Jeannie McCauley from Tulsa OK. I graduated in 1961 from a diploma program. I have & still am a practicing RN of 53 yrs. my experience starts with being a private scrub RN, Lt in USAir Force, hospital based nsg, Dr,s clinic for 7 docs.,LTC, lectured for Weight Watchers 8 yrs DON LTC ,home health industrial nsg., hospice ,traveled as RN for 6 yrs, was on a speakers bureau hospital based, agency RN locally,trauma RN , eating disorders hosp. & now psych nsg I would love to share my experiences opinions good & bad.


Hi, I’m Steve from Tonawanda, NY I’v been a practicing LPN for 2 yrs after graduating in 2010 I currently work private duty and have started classes for becoming a RN, I’m also a volunteer EMT and Firefighter


Hello everyone. Glad to be here. My name is Ana McMillan. I live in Southern California and work in the cvu department of a local hospital. I have been a nurse for approx 15 yrs.
Happy Nurses Week.


Hi Larry. I work cvu and have areal issue caring for psych patients. I find them to be liars and extremely manipulative as well as drug seekers. Can you give me some advise on how to overlook these issues and care for them with love in my heart instead of bitterness. Thx Ana


My name is Rachael, GN in Texas. Studying for NCLEX. I hope to find a position in hospice for the next few years while I still have children in school.


Hi! My name is Dee. I worked as an registered veterinary technician for 8yrs went back to school in 2008 for RN degree. I have worked with the MR/DD, clinic work, and now in mother/baby at a hospital for the last year.I live in North Dakota. I make pine needle baskets to decrease my stress. I dont have a favorite movie. Tv is a bad habit I cant break. I like First 48hr, Oddities New York and San Fransisco, American Pickers. I love my job and cant picture doing anything else


hello, im Dixie, have been an LPN for 23 years and enjoy working with geriatrics. i have worked in other areas though. i did go back to college and get my ADN but some reason i having a hard time passing my RN NCLEX, so i thought it over and just have decided to say an LPN, im almost 50 and very happy with my career.
i enjoy spending time with my 3 grandkids, 6, 2 and 3 months. i have a son 25 and daughter 23, my daughter has only 3 classes left and will be in the nursing program, she wants to be a nurse practioner. my son has worked at Chase bank in phoenix for 6 yrs in fraud specialist, but is going back to school to become a physical therapist. i enjoy movies, camping, fishing, golfing, picnics, BBQing , family time. some day i would like to go on a cruise. i feel very rewarded when i come home from work and know that i have made a difference in my patients life. i love to see their smile when i go to work after my days off and they tell me they missed me. i really could use the tablet/ipad. we do all our charting on computers now, thats pretty much everywhere now.


Hi Im Althea…Thea for short. I’m from Pennsylvania born & raised moved to the West Va./ Ohio area in 1982.I have been nursing since 1979 as first an LPN & currently RN. I am a mother of 3 ( 2 boys & a girl)grandma of 2 wonderful grandsons. I am a breast cancer survivor of 22 years. I am currently not working…I have covered many area over the years. .hospital, rehab hospital, nursing home, private duty, traveling nurse, agency nursing, school nurse, & even taught NA class…I have wanted to be a nurse since the second grade.Maybe some friendship from people who understand the ups & downs of being a nurse…I love sports!big football fan…bleed black & gold…Steelers , Penguins & Pirates. are my favorites I watch a lot of sports on TV & a lot of reality TV shows…Guess that’s enough for now


PS I don’t miss The Walking Dead & Falling Skies!!!


Hello, I am Amanda. I am a Nurse Practitioner working in Middle Tn. As an RN I was a respiratory nurse, but have been a family practice NP for 8 years. This is truly the career I imagined. I am a mom to 1.3. My son is 5 and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with #2.

My practice setting is an employer based clinic that offers full service primary care to the employees at no cost to them. It truly is a great system, helps a lot of employees and reduces time missed from work.


Hello Nurse Café,
My name is Terri. I’ve been a nurse for 13 years. I work in the med/surg area. I live in Arkansas. The one thing I hope to get from this community is…talking to other nurses in other areas of nursing. I would like to eventually get out of med/surg and go to a different area with some knowledge in the area of interest. Also make some professional connections.


Hi my name is Sylvia from Alabama now reside in Texas have two children a daughter and a mentally handicap son. I have been a nurse for 30 yrs., have worked 14 yrs. with terminally ill children,5 yrs. hospice , and 11 yrs. in LTC Now working from home with mentally challenged

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