Introduce Yourselves!


Hey everyone!

Now that we’ve gotten things going a bit, we’d like to get to know you!

Tell us about yourselves!

How long have you been a nurse?

What’s your name?

Where do you live?

Do you work in a hospital? Nursing home?

What’s one thing you’re hoping to get from this community?

Any favorite movies or tv shows?


Call me Michael. Been providing health care for 48 years, the last 43 as a Registered Nurse. Practiced in pretty much all specialty areas, certified in a few (though that never really made much difference!) and currently working as DON for a home health agency. I consider myself a clinician and strong proponent of professional nursing as a healing profession and intensely dislike the “business-fication” of the profession. If I had wanted to be a businessman, I would have gone for a MBA. I have many other interests, including ecology, arts, particle physics, history, astronomy, Arthurian legend and lore and lots and lots of reading. High hopes for ‘Nurse’s Cafe’ becoming more than just a Readers Digest by line!


Awesome. Welcome, Michael! That’s what we hope as well! My wife and I went to a part of Cornwall that had a castle ruin that was supposed to be one of Arthur’s. One of the guys that was with us on the trip had studied Arthurian legend in college and said that the years that he was supposed to be there, he would have been in France. Needless to say, it was fascinating.


Hi, my name is Kathy , I am from NY area. I have been an LPN for 28 yrs and I am currently working on my RN. I have worked in a family practice for 13yrs and before that I worked for NYS in the department of developmental disabilities for 11 yrs. Inbetween I did some private duty and other office work. I like to bowl in the winter and camp in the summer. I do enjoy a good tear jerker movie and some action packed ones as well. The best part of my day is coming home to my family and sharing what our days were like be them good or bad. my biggest goal right now is successfully completing my ASN is nursing before Im 50. I am 46 now.


Welcome to the community, Kathy! I hope that you can complete your ASN soon!


My name is Allyson, but most call me Ally. I’m live 30 min south of Boston ,and I’m going to be 25 in June. I come from a long line of nurses on both my mother and father’s sides so I guess nursing is in my blood. I graduated LPN school in 2011, and am now about to finish my first semester in an LPN-RN ASN program. My first LPN job was exactly what I wanted to do, working in a House of Correction. I did the CNA thing to get through LPN school, but after being a CNA, I knew the nursing home setting wasn’t for me. I wish I could have stayed at the HoC, but the nurses were very catty, and the practices were very unprofessional, and I felt as though my license might be jeopardized. I then found a great job as an LPN at an Adult Day Habilitation center for people with Developmental disabilities which has the perfect hours for me to get through school. No nights, no weekends, no holidays, who could ask for more? I mean, I did take a pretty serious hit in the pay department, but I’ve been managing just fine. Will be nice to see my paychecks double when I become an RN lol

I’m very excited to be a part of this new community and can’t wait to hear about other nurses’ experiences and advice.

As for TV shows, with school and work, it’s hard to find time to myself. However, I am VERY addicted to Once Upon a Time (HUGE Disney/Fairy tale fan), Game of Thrones, and True Blood. I also like Orange is the New Black on Netflix.


My name is Kim and I have been a nurse in GA since 1995. I am hoping to get Obama Care in GA!


Hi my name is Sue -I’ve been in healthcare for over 40 years and been an RN for 25plus years. I’ve done hospital, clinic, school, long-term care and corporate nursing. Today I start a new position as a RN admission’s nurse for a home health care agency. I’m so excited to start a new chapter in my life. For the past 6 months taking a leave from nursing due to a recent dx.of breast ca. Doing well, but still have a little chemo brain but willing to take on a new nursing challenge and use my brain again.
I’m so excited for this forum. Not only for the learning experience but the camaraderie amongst nurses.
My favorite TV shows are The Voice, American Idol and believe it or not Grey’s Anatomy :smiley:


Hi I’m Stacy from Michigan, where it’s 10 months of winter and 2 months of rough sledding :). I’ve been a psych nurse for about 8 years. I do a lot of assessments, that’s my main job. I’m a contract nurse, which is new for me. My favorite movie? Braveheart. My favorite tv show, unfortunately I have many. I like Revenge, Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Survivor…and I could go on. I have 4 pooches and love all animals, well not really snakes. So, just saying Hello!


Hello, Lorri here, tempted by the contest but moreso by the camaraderie of a nurse focused community. I’m from MA and have worked in spinal cord trauma, rehab, VNA, managed care (aka, my time on the dark side), holistic health, and now have reinvented myself as a school RN on Cape Cod. It’s fun and challenging, but at times it’s lonely being the only health clinician on site. Loved reading the bios everyone’s shared and look forward to reading more about the fascinating people who choose caring as a profession.


Hello my name is Jo and I work in San Diego as an RN! I am excited to chat with others about our jobs and the state of health care!


My name is Jennie. I live in NY. Working as a LPN since 1975. I was afforded many opportunities in my career. I worked side by side with my RN colleagues. Took many courses on days off and attended many Continuing educational seminars and workshops. I was credentialed in many areas as I worked in a very busy ICU caring for the sickest patients with the highest accuitie scores. The one thing that I shorted myself of was my education. ( a formal education). I was always doing for others in my family and never saw my dream of becoming a RN!! I just turned 57 yesterday and I wish that I could say that I was content with where and who I am in nursing. But… I’m not. I looking forward to sharing stories and experiences with everyone here. The one thing in life I did accomplish was losing over 265 lbs without surgery. Looking forward to great dialogue!!


Hello Everyone. My name is Edwina and I live in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I am an RN for the past 41 years and business owner of a Costume, Gift and Balloon shop for 31. Not only have I helped patients heal their bodies, I have been able to bring happiness into the lives of others through costuming and ballooning. I think the Nurse’s Café is a great place to stop in for a chat.


My name is Shelley and I have been an RN for over 30 years and recently completed my BSN and will be starting to work towards my MSN in nursing education


Hello, I am Tammy from Houston Texas. I have been an LVN for 26 years. I am currently a Clinical Liaison for a skilled Nursing Facility . I have worked in many areas of nursing ,pedi,OB, HH, Acute inpatient rehab, med surg and clinics.
I used to as a child go visit my Grandmother at work. She was a nurse and that inspired me to go nursing school at a time in my life I needed and wanted more than just a job. I have always appreciated the flexibility it has given me.

I just came upon this community and have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments as there is always a kinship between nurse.
My fav show I am addicted to is Downtown Abby.


Hi, I’m Chris, located in the Southern Kettle Moraine region in Wisconsin. I am a semi-retired nurse, who now works part-time in home care. Formerly, I worked in an NICU in an “inner city” setting. I got my Masters of Science in Nursing at age 58!

I have 6 kids, the youngest adopted from the NICU (long story). I home-schooled some of them.

I am a 1st Don black belt, and I teach at my local Tae Kwon Do do-jang (school).

I am a news junkie and a political junkie–that is what I watch on TV. But mostly, I like public radio. We have a top-notch public radio service in Wisconsin–lucky for me!

One of my children is going into nursing as her 2nd career–nursing was my 2nd career, as well.
My first go-'round was as an English teacher. I’ve also been a home birth attendant . . . I am well on my way to 9 lives!


OMG, KIm! Medicine and politics right off the bat! I love it! My “goal” in my Masters pgm was to get invited to join a think-tank about universal healthcare. As far as I am concerned, we still need a think-tank or two in order to make health care available and accessible for all. Don’t you think?


Hi, I am a home visit nurse in a Mass Health program, supervising care givers and clients in the homes. I have been a nurse for 34 years, 20+ in home care, 8 yrs workers comp and three insurance and transplant case management. I garden , sang international barbershop , this spring have one sone married and one son college grad. Go US Navy.
At this time in my career I am coping and striving to adjust to all the changes in the field of nursing since I started, and keep my nursing life as a profession. I hope to retire and perform nursing ministry to my community. :slight_smile:


My name is Jen. I’m from central NY (Fingerlakes Region). I’ve been an RN for 11 years. Most of my background was in orthopaedics both in the hospital and office settings. I have recently switch gears to Maternity nursing and am back in the hospital setting after almost 6 years away from it. I have loved all my nursing roles but am glad to be back in the hospital again.

I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree through Keuka College and am planning to work on becoming an IBCLC in the near future.


Hello! My name is Kendra I am from Kentucky. I was an EMT for 12 years before deciding to finally go to nursing school. I have been a LPN for 1 year. I have been practicing as a nurse since June 2013. I am currently working in a nursing home. I have a strong desire to work I’m pediatrics. I am currently in my 2nd quarter to bridge to RN to make that dream possible!. I am excited about this website to see stories of encouragement especially on the days when I am feeling overwhelmed. I enjoy watching medical shows.

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