If I can’t do nursing because I'm burned out, what else can I do?


I am starting to feel burned out in my career. Honestly, I thought this was something that only happens to others. I never imagined it would happen to me. I never saw this coming and I am devastated. If I can’t do nursing, what else can I do?


First of all , what kind of nursing are u burned out in? What areas have u worked in ? Have u worked only in one specialty? Have you only worked for one employer? These are some of the questions u have to first answer. Staying in one area can cause burn out, working under a harsh management or one that opposes your views may be placing undo pressure on u,even continuing to only work in one area can cause stagnatation , stress and resentement. Also, if working ina place where they tend to promote from the outside instead of their own can cause stagnation and resentment in turn cause burnout.
You really need to look at the array of nursing positions that are open that can still make you feel good inside,nursing is all around you , from research to occupational , to insurance to legal,to the quality assurance in health care HMO"s ,there is teaching , home care, creating your own business.
Before you end up depressed and in flames look for the flicker that got you into nursing , quit feeling tied to the long hours and required OT. look to something you think you would enjoy and spread your wings, keep with the old job till you make the whole transition or till you find maybe your job isn’t is bad as you think it is,or you may find it is ok to chg your career path and try different area of nursing.


Just as with the previous post, you need to identify other options open to you especially if you have only worked in one type of department or arena. I came to nursing as an off-shute of clinical research. I knew my research in stroke and felt I could help patients facing the challenges of stroke but I also did not feel I had the weight of a professional title to influence people or my information to be given consideration. I went into nursing shortly after this. I did the floor nursing, then went into home care which I liked because I had more one-on-one time with the patient. This guided me to continuing my education and now I have a Master’s in nursing and education. I use this pulpit to help the public in stroke awareness. Nursing has many options that can help to keep overload and stress turning you away form the profession. Changes to how healthcare I delivered has switched the focus of patient care to a more holistic (nursing) view and not just specific disease management. This has created many new positions that can be filled by nurses such as nurse educator. This is a great position that provides staff with a resource that is the bridge between evidence based research and implementation on the floor. You have choices! Many choices! :blush:


May I suggest trying travel nursing. I find that nurses that are burned out enjoy travel nursing because you cut don’t stay long enough to deal with any drama. You might want to check out nursedealer.com to get started or learn more.


Hi, I am just coming across this 3 years later. I hope you have found your niche. If not within nursing, something out of the field. I, too, am in your position right now. I’m getting burned out and would like to do something else, hopefully outside of the nursing field eventually. I came across this blog and actually getting really interested in making money online (while I’m still working as a nurse) through digital marketing. You can check it out. http://burnoutnurse.com/are-you-one-of-the-burned-out-nurses-what-else-can-i-do-besides-nursing/


Nursing is the vast field, you can switch careers depending on education and current experiences. Stay strong it is witnessed by many of us how harsh management can be.

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