I Already have a Bachelor's degree in Business. Shall I go for BSN RN or Associates degree at a community college?


I have a few classes left and will receive my Bachelor’s in business. Last month, I switched gears to nursing. Once I receive my Bachelor’s in Business, should I go to a community college and get an ADN as an RN, or should I go to a university and receive a double bachelors? BA in Business and BSN in Nursing RN. Is there a difference in pay? Will it make a difference getting a job? I’ll already have a bachelor’s degree, just not in nursing. Any suggestions will help.


I would recommend the bachelors right out of the gate. Some prereqs for the ADN have prereqs and it’s not 100% honest to call them 2 year programs since the actual nursing program is 4 semesters. It takes almosts as long to get a bachelors, just with a lighter course load per semester.

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