How to use Nurse's Cafe


Someone wrote in asking how to use Nurse’s Cafe. I figured I’d create a guide, that can be updated over time. I hope that this helps!


Registration is free. Just click on “Log in” and you’ll see “Don’t have an account yet? Create one now!” at the bottom of the box that appears. Go ahead and click that and get started.


You’ll see the navigation across the top of any category and on the home page. This doesn’t appear when you’re reading a thread, however. It starts with the “All Categories” button. The homepage defaults to “Latest,” which shows all of the latest posts along with the category that the post belongs to.

“New” shows all of the new topics that have been created since you last logged in.

“Unread” shows any topics you have not read yet.

“Starred” shows any topics that you’ve marked with a star, so that you can go back later and comment if you want.

“Top” shows the most popular posts of the day, month, week, or year.

Categories” shows the full list of forum categories that we’ve created so far. It’s all of the places that you and others can create topics to talk about.

It’s important to note that each of those buttons applies directly to a category that you’re in, as well. So if you’re in the Nursing Discussion category, then each of those menu options will apply to just that category. You can switch which category you’re in to find more content.

Creating Topics of your own

This is a key part of our community: you get to create topics that you’d like to talk about.

From any page around the forum, you can create a topic with the button at the top, or the blue link at the bottom that reads “Why not create a topic?

You can then follow the guide that pops up, giving your topic a title, putting it in the proper category, and then typing what you’d like to say.


When you’re reading a thread (aka a post or topic), there is a nice bright blue “Reply” button, so you can reply to the topic very easily. It also has suggested topics, which should get better as more people add content.


This forum is public, but you can use your discretion with how much about yourself you’d like to share, even down to your name or username. If you don’t feel safe including your real name, you don’t have to.

And please, abide by HIPAA laws. No real names when telling stories. But you already knew that. :smile:

Let’s get started!

One thing that helped me out, with getting used to navigating the forum, was creating some topics to test it out. When I did that, I found that navigating the forum got much easier.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!


Thanks for the guide! That’s very helpful!


I’m Sandy, been an RN for 35 years and a School Nurse for 22years, here in North Central WV.


How do I make a postvof nyb own.m Trying to introduce myself, but can’t figure out how.


If you go to the introduce yourselves topic, and click reply, there, you’ll be able to introduce yourself there. Otherwise, you can create a new topic from the bottom of any board.


Hey everyone! I thought I’d bump this thread up to the top so that you can see how Nurse’s Cafe works!


Thanks for the guide! That’s very helpful!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I spent a lot of time creating that.




LuminousSpecter you are awesome


Thanks for the guide, Really helpful :smile:

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