How long do you think you will keep working as a nurse?


I was wondering about this. Being a nurse can be very fulfilling, emotionally, and to be honest the pay and job opportunities are good too. But it’s also sometimes pretty … heavy. Both physically and mentally. And a lot of places seem to expect you to work some crazy hours too.

How long do you think you’ll be able and willing to do this work? I was reading this: The Future Face of Nursing? This Nurse Is Very Experienced Indeed; it says that more and more RNs are delaying their retirement and working past 62 or even 65 years old. A quarter of 50-year old nurses will still be working at age 69.

It also features a nurse who is 97 years old (!!) and still working. That seems like a pretty extreme example! :open_mouth: She sounds awesome though. Like when she talks about how nursing is "the love of my life, other than my husband, who was a great guy.” :smile:

But still. Do you think you’ll still be a nurse when you’re 50? 60? 70? How would you go about making that work? A hospital job seems like it would be too much at that age. But I could see being a public health or community nurse! Or teaching, though it might be hard to get into that… Or mentoring. Or maybe as a school nurse. What kind of nursing jobs would you want to do (if any), when you think of working as an aging nurse? Or if some of you are already over 50 or 60 years old, how is that going? What advice would you give?


I think it’s really important to have a good mix of nurses of different ages on the floor. We have some older colleagues and they’ve really helped me with some issues, when I was stressed out about new and difficult things, one of them always took the time to explain and calm me down. There’s always going to be some who have become bitter or look down on you too if you’re new or young, but you have young nurses like that too. I can’t imagine a 97 years old nurse though!!


Being a Nurse is a challenging occupation, we have to deal with trauma every day and people are still crazy of our work. Long hours, sometimes night shifts but at the end it pays back by saving lives and to set smile on faces.

Once a Nurse always a Nurse i am willing to continue till i die. We have a diverse staff ranging all ages and good to work with them all. Age is just a number…


Well for me Nursing is not a job against monetary compensation, but it is a whole lifestyle and attitude which we have to carry all time. This is the most passionate and noble job I think to serve humanity at that point when his family and friends even not with him.

So yes I agree with the above statement that once a nurse always a nurse.

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