Help! A Journey from Warehouse Worker to Nurse


Hi everyone I need your help! So I volunteer my time to share advice on this site called Jobcase which is a Q&A site for job seekers. There is this woman named Tamra who I have been trying to help find a nursing job since April of last year and she still hasn’t had any success. Tamra is working multiple jobs not related to nursing and at the age of 56, she suspects that age discrimination is the reason why she can’t land a nursing job. I attached a screenshot of her original post for in case you needed more details.

Anyways I’m trying to desperately help her but I am running out of ideas. Any chance someone on here could provide her more detailed advice? I included a link below to the original post if you want to share advice with her directly. Otherwise I can try to pass along your thoughts in the comments. Thank you so much and God Bless!

Link to Tamra’s post


This is rough to go through, and she is not alone. My favorite nursing forum has an excellent thread going on this exact topic with someone in a similar situation. Many nurses weighed in with some advice that may be of value to your friend. I recommend checking it out:

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