Fighting the BON after a DUI


Has anyone had to fight the board to save their license after a DUI? Does anyone know an attorney who’s familiar with these laws? Thank you.


The BON does their own investigation into the matter and will make the decision of what to do regarding your license and whether they feel you have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. They may refer you to have an evaluation done at a place of their choosing which will help them decide whether its safe for you to continue working as a nurse, or they may put restrictions in place.
You may be placed in a Nurses Assistance Program to monitor you for however long they deem necessary!
Bottom line, if you got a ticket for driving under the influence because you failed a breathalyzer test or any other test the police official may have conducted on you…you are guilty! I don’t know how having an attorney in this case will be of any help!
The BON does a thorough investigation into such matters and will speak with all people relevant to the case…meaning employers, police officials, coworkers, doctors, counselors, etc.
Just saying…


There has to way to stand up for yourself vs serving 3 years on a probation period with them. Jumping to their every call for random drug tests. That’s what probation with the state was for. There has to be something I can do. Thanks.

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