Feeling like a failure


Hi everyone, I’ve been a nurse for 3 years now but I cannot shake the constant feeling of being a failure. Everything I do and every decision I make, tends to keep me over thinking on what I could have done wrong or better. This morning I had a patient who had a wound which I felt that it needed to be seen by a tissue viability nurse so I called her and she came. She asked me to bring a type of silver dressing which comes in packets and you cut the size according to how much you want. I saw this dressing in the treatment room and it was labelled for another patient so I went out and told her that we do not have. She asked me whether I was sure as she remembered using it on another patient. I went and got this dressing and I remembered that the patient in question is HIV +ve so I told her but she used it anyway. The dressing was of course covered but should I be worried that this is a mode of transmission?


Hello, I do not see how using a sterile dressing on a wound would be a way to transmit HIV. Would you mind being more specific? Perhaps there is something that you left out…


Basically the tissue viability nurse asked me to bring this type of silver dressing which was labelled for this particular patient who is hiv positive. it was being used for him (this type of dressing is covered in 2 plastic layers and in a package and you cut according to size). I saw it labelled for him in the dressing trolley so it was not in his room, and I was not a staff member of that ward so it really slipped out of my mind that this person was hiv positive. and as soon as i gave her the packaging i told her that this dressing was being used by this person but she was indifferent towards the fact.

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