Drinking whilst on call


Hello. A few topics rolled into one here. For those of you who work in the OR, and obviously take call, what is your stance on ANY drinking?

I have found myself in a really sticky situation in which I told a traveler (tech) that my husband and I would be at a motorcycle rally on the weekend. She was on call for the OR, I’m a nurse in the OR with her, I was not on call. She showed up and was partying along like nothing. She kind of ‘glommed on’ to us and as she lives super far away (hence why I told her about the rally, she was staying at a campground a bit far from work but just to be in the area). We told her of our campground that was much closer to the hospital, where we were staying with a big group of fellow bikers, and she came. She continued to drink, though I can’t really say how much as I wasn’t paying close attention.
She’s got called in at 11 pm and back at 1 am. She admitted being pulled over but didn’t get a ticket or anything.
It came up in the workplace because I mentioned to one other tech, and it rapidly escalated to the point that MY JOB IS IN JEOPARDY because I SAW her drinking while SHE was on call, and didn’t report it!! She got terminated 3 days later, after working all three days, and there was never a single incident in the workplace as a result of her drinking or anything.

Any thoughts? Help!

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