Doctorate in Nursing or Health?


Good day everyone. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with a BSN and a I recently earned Master of Science degree. I am so happy but I want to further my education with a doctorate degree. I am not sure whether I should earn a doctorate degree in nursing or a doctorate degree in another health related field (ex: PhD in Health Sciences, Doctorate in Health Sciences, PhD in Public Health, Doctorate in Health Education, etc.). I plan to become an educator at some point. A doctorate degree in any of these areas would suffice but I do not know which route I should choose. What do you think? Thanks for the input!




My friend actually doing a PhD in health policy. I think the best bet if your focus is non clinical is for public health/epidemiology/biostatistics. Of course you can still do research in and on clinical settings as well but as you’ve mentioned if you don’t want to be a clinician this is a good pathway.
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Thank you for that information. I found a college to work on my PhD in Nursing and I will be starting very soon. I am so excited! I also think that I should further your comments about the work settings of an advanced degree bearing LPN. I would like to become an Educator in the future. However, with my Master of Science degree alone, I can work as a Clinician in many settings. In fact, I did a search for jobs in NYC ( I would love to move there someday) and saw that I am qualified to be an Assistant Director of Nursing in the OR… The salary range is great too -$60,754.00 to $130,000.00 annually.- That is great! Can you imagine what I could do and how much I could earn with my Doctorate degree? In case you are wondering, the website to find the job description is on and the job ID# is 51547… Here is some additional information about the job…
Ast Dir. Nursing, Operating Room, NUR-0790A
Minimum Qualifications

  1. Licensed and currently registered to practice as a professional nurse in New York State, plus (2) or (3), below.

  2. Masters Degree in Nursing Administration, Education, Clinical Specialty or equivalent field and five years of satisfactory nursing experience, of which three years shall have been in a supervisory or teaching capacity; or a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing and six years of satisfactory nursing experience, four years of which shall have been in a supervisory or teaching capacity.

  3. A satisfactory equivalent of education and experience. However, all candidates must be licensed and currently registered to practice as a Professional Nurse in New York State.

I hope that this description helps to enrich your knowledge about LPN work settings as Clinicians and the possibilities for work if they decide to pursue a higher education. Best wishes for your career!

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