Doctorate in Nursing or Health?


Good day everyone. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with a BSN and a I recently earned Master of Science degree. I am so happy but I want to further my education with a doctorate degree. I am not sure whether I should earn a doctorate degree in nursing or a doctorate degree in another health related field (ex: PhD in Health Sciences, Doctorate in Health Sciences, PhD in Public Health, Doctorate in Health Education, etc.). I plan to become an educator at some point. A doctorate degree in any of these areas would suffice but I do not know which route I should choose. What do you think? Thanks for the input!




My friend actually doing a PhD in health policy. I think the best bet if your focus is non clinical is for public health/epidemiology/biostatistics. Of course you can still do research in and on clinical settings as well but as you’ve mentioned if you don’t want to be a clinician this is a good pathway.
Cheers, onplaners

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