Dealing with toxicity at work


I need some advice. I’ve been working with a nurse who is a bully for 7 years. I personally have learned how to deal with it, which is sad, but she is after new nurses now. She continually lies to and about our supervisor, skips over the chain of command, makes people cry, upsets the surgeons (I work in the OR), is unprofessional, and has even gone as far as making racist comments in front of our African American co-workers. I’m done. I’m not going to stand by anymore and let this continue. I’m going to do something. My question is what? She has been written up and “counseled” about her behavior, but our director is under the impression that we are targeting her and she is the victim. He won’t do anything. He and my manager have refused to meet with me about this employee. I’m looking for advice on how best to handle this situation without committing professional suicide. Thank you.


I feel your pain. I am a 40 year veteran RN of the OR myself and have worked with many bullies over the years. My most recent experiences have been with the worst kind, the boss bullies. Very quick to accuse others of bullying behavior when they are the epitomy of bullying themselves. My experiences have been that the more you try to get justice against the bully, the worse it is for you. You already have everything stacked in the bully’s favor if Management won’t even meet with you. Which is totally unacceptable. The only way you could address anything would be to go over their heads to the next level. In order to achieve any success with this, you would need support from the Drs. And this means all of them, which will never happen because some would rather just complain about it, but never risk anything to fix it. My real time advice to you is twofold- first to just work and ignore the behavior, which as you know, is extremely difficult or second to cut your losses and find another job. She has everything in her favor and sadly you do not. I speak from personal experience!

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