Comments on THE VIEW lead to #NursesUnite campaign


The Miss America pageant was on Sunday night, the 13th. Miss Colorado was dressed in a nursing outfit and wearing a stethoscope. The View spent a little time making fun of this contestant.

Now, nurses everywhere are using the hash tag #NursesUnite, in solidarity against comments that were made about this contestant and nursing as a profession.

What are your thoughts?


Maybe those who “made fun of the nursing outfit”, should realize what a beautiful person this contestant is, inside and out.

Maryanne Craven, R.N.:angel:


What a stir in nurses across the country! Has Joan B. never been sick enough to be taken care of by a nurse? Her comments have united nurses nationally and really demonstrate that we have a powerful voice. We need to speak out nationally about many topics. Working conditions, salaries, and patient load vary greatly from state to state. Some states are begging for nurses. However, working conditions can be very bad! Patient loads are too high. Patient acuity is higher in my area because ICU type patients are moved out to the floor much earlier than in the past. RN`s are completely responsible for all of their patients in every aspect of care. If, anything goes wrong the RN is very likely to be blamed, even if she was at lunch! NURSES UNITE!

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