Catheter plugs used to collect a urine sample? Help me understand this


I was told by a nurse that I could use a catheter plug to collect a urine sample and I had never heard of this

method before.

I naively assumed that if you could use a catheter plug to collect urine that there must be a specimen

container attached to it. I guess why I thought this was that in times past I was given a clear plastic bag with

tape on it that you attach to a non-catheterized patient’s skin to get the sample and when they fill it up, the

output is instantly visible.

I was perplexed when this “catheter plug” given to me that I would need to collect a sample was just a

catheter plug and nothing more!

I was told that you have to take the catheter or leg bag off and put the plug on and “leave it for about an hour”

and this is supposed to help you collect a sample.

First I would think that plugging up the urine flow is dangerous since a blocked catheter is not safe no matter

why you’re doing it.

Next, how am I supposed to collect a sample if I can’t see the output?

The plug that was given to me is not transparent.

The tubing above the catheter is blue and not transparent.

The plug is not transparent either.

I think the use of a catheter plug to collect a urine sample sounds far-fetched and abusive and yet it was a

hospital nurse who instructed me to use this and who explained in great detail how it’s supposed to work.

It seems to me like a psychotic idea with no logic, so is this just my perception or does it make perfect sense

in some way?

In order to collect a sample, you first have to be able to see the output.

Is this approach for collecting urine actually used and how does this work without being abusive on the patient

and blocking their urine flow?

It seems degrading to have someone suggest to me that I can do this and I thank God I was not working

under them.


Open up the above URL.
May be it’ll help you to understand.

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